Victoria & Albert Museum – London

The exhibition featured over 250 objects and explored the unique rich culture of the Maharajas. In order to reflect the magnificence of the exhibits, different textures and materials are used to create different moods. For example, a ‘gold leaf’ wall evokes the opulence of India’s 18th Century royal courts while brushed aluminium display panels and vibrant pink walls reflect the relationship the Maharajas had with the European avant-garde.

It was a pleasure to be able to supply the designers with showcases in different sizes and we are enthusiastic about the high quality of the exhibition. Our FRANK showcases take a step back thanks to the 8 mm wide edge joint and let the objects speak for themselves.

CountryGreat BritianClientVictoria & Albert Museum, LondonDesignQWERK creative constructionsYear2009ExhibitionMaharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal© Photo byGareth Gardner, London