Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum – Dubai

Housed in a historic building in the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai, the museum tells the story of one of the most exciting and mysterious archaeological sites yet discovered in the Emirates.

The museum uses state-of-the-art technology to explore Saruq Al-Hadid – ‘the Way of Iron’ – a remote desert site that was a centre for metalworking some three thousand years ago.

This is the first time the objects from Saruq Al-Hadid have been on public display in a museum, offering a fascinating insight into the skill and accomplishments of the people who worked at this Iron Age ‘factory’.

We are honoured that these treasures of history can be protected with FRANK museum display cases and showcase system.

CountryUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)ClientSaruq Al-Hadid – Archaeology MuseumYear2016ExhibitionPermanent© Photo byFRANK Europe GmbH