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When FRANK EUROPE GmbH was founded in 2001, the company launched the first version of a (truly) demountable quality display case. The acrylic glass display case was mainly used for temporary museum exhibitions due to the advantages of easy handling with the usual safety requirements. Due to permanent further developments and “upgrades” to the growing customer demands, the FRANK showcase system was able to completely fulfill the requirements for permanent exhibitions after a short time.

After many years of tests and trials, a glass version with the same handling could also reach market maturity in 2018.

The FRANK showcase system consists of a revolutionary and unique plug-in technology, with which glass panels made of acrylic or laminated mineral glass are connected to each other in a flush-fitting and highly stable way without any screws, without cluing and without seals. Both systems are patented and are manufactured exclusively in FRANK manufactories.

From the start the idea always was to be able to present an exhibition exhibit to the viewer with as little visual disturbance as possible. The audience’s attention should be focused exclusively on the object, with the construction of the protective display case receding into the background.

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Thomas Kurz                Philippe Plessers

“It’s what’s inside that counts”

It is this purist philosophy that distinguishes and sets FRANK display cases apart from other showcase products with their “less is more” approach. In a very short time, FRANK has acquired a considerable reputation in the museum and exhibition world. The FRANK brand became a symbol of innovation, high quality, flexibility and cost-effective solutions. FRANK has now completed over 650 projects worldwide to the complete satisfaction of its customers. The protection, preservation and presentation of artifacts are of critical importance. FRANK products meet these requirements to the highest museum standards. And FRANK offers them with the added benefits of lower costs and significantly shorter development and delivery times.

The experienced and dedicated team of FRANK is very well organized and uses its unique production technology and machinery. Those features allow to plan, manufacture and install an entire exhibition in the shortest possible time. The superiority over conventional showcase manufacturing becomes clear when cost and time budgets are in competition.

“Perfection in function and design”

FRANK display cases meet and exceed international quality standards for museums and can be seen in numerous renowned museums and exhibitions around the world. Imagine the user-friendly and maintenance-free advantages of the FRANK systems.

Future-oriented innovation by FRANK… We are pleased to introduce our products to you.