In 2004, FRANK designed the first “giant showcases” for the Mercedes Benz “MB Guard exhibition“. These were the first demountable Plexiglas showcases in the following dimensions 600x300x300 cm. (Length x width x height) in which, also the special so-called “Pope Mobile”, a Mercedes-Benz 230 G was exhibited.

The showcase construction with the minimalistic, surface-flush integrated FE connection profile can be completely dismantled and rebuilt. As a result, this special exhibition was installed at several Mercedes Benz sites.

Today, in 2018, on behalf of an European royal family, FRANK has developed and produced a giant glass display case that contained a wedding dress, in even larger dimensions. The demountable Frank glass showcase consists of 12mm laminated extra-white glass of 820x240x270 cm (Length x width x height) with an overall weight of almost 3 tons.

The showcase can be opened on the front sides. The “door panel” from 240×230 cm with a weight of 164 kg can be opened and closed easily with the aid of a lift master.

At that time, as for now, the FRANK glass showcase with subtly integrated FE-aluminium connection profile strips, fitted flush with the surface, is inserted in the edge profiling of the glass panels and sealed. Now, as before, no sealing materials such as silicone or glue are needed.