Mercedes Benz – Travelling Exhibition Showcases

For the Mercedes Benz “MB Guard exhibition“ FRANK Europe designed several giant showcases. These demountable travelling exhibition showcases had an incredible length of 6 meters, were 3 meters wide and high and were built in 12 mm laminated extra-white glass. In one of the showcases the “Pope Mobile”, a Mercedes-Benz 230 G, was exhibited. Nevertheless, the display cases could be taken apart and were displayed in several places.

The showcase construction with the minimalistic, surface-flush integrated FE connection profile can be completely dismantled and rebuilt. As a result, this special exhibition was installed at several Mercedes Benz sites.

CountryGermanyClientMercedes-BenzDesignSpek DesignYear2008ExhibitionMercedes Benz – MB Guard exhibition© Photo byInge Miczka / Frank Europe GmbH