The classical FRANK in acrylic

The FRANK Showcases in acrylic represent the European Quality standards at its best and can be found in renowned museums and exhibitions all over the world.

FRANK Europe has always been a pionier by inventing and creating a unique and patented connecting system that makes glues and screws completely unnecessary.


The FRANK System can be installed and dismantled intuitively and without special tools in a very short time. Plug-in technology allows easy replacement of all parts (sheets and components). Further advantages are the space-saving storage and multiple re-use oft he showcases in future projects/exhibitions.

Quality & Security

FRANK showcases are “made in Germany” and meet the highest quality standards. The patented system and very precise processing guarantee high stability and safety. Using selected materials, we ensure high quality, an excellent investment and a long service life.

Unique in the world

“Uniquely Frank” stands for a unique, patented display cabinet technology. It combines the functionality of the system itself with all the advantages a solution in acrylic can offer, as for example low risk of breakage, light weight (when maintaining or during transport).

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