The standard showcase with a patented connection system

FRANK Display System

Patented System
the only fully demountable
system on the market

Exhibition Showcases

Laminated safety glass (LSG)
to protect your investment, deter
vandals and prolonged service life

Museum Showcases

Excellent price/performance ratio
thanks to the optimal use of
materials and components

Frank Showcases

available in three sizes

ALPHA SHOWCASE – precision work „Made in Germany“

The innovative design is based on the patented FRANK connection technology. This makes glueing and screwing superfluous. The essential detail is the barely noticeable aluminium profile strips, which are precisely inserted into the patented edge profiling of the panes. Sealing materials, such as silicone, etc. are not necessary. This facilitates assembly and ensures a long life without maintenance.

alpha vitrine
alpha showcase
alpha showcase
alpha vitrine

In an exhibition, the artefacts and their presentation are the most important elements. In particular showcases/displays present the exhibits in a special way and fulfil necessary protective functions.

The freestanding ALPHA showcase, a step-in model from Frank, has won its minimalist design international awards and convinced many directors/curators with its maximum transparency. The discreet lines express the lightness of the construction. Function and design are perfectly balanced in all simplicity. This simplicity is the highest form of perfection. Flush with the surface, filigree, and high precision integrated connection profiles enable a releasable form closure that guarantees unrestricted reusability of the showcase over time.

The semi-modular concept allows the replacement of all construction elements used and offers maximum flexibility, durability, and cost-benefit ratio. The ALPHA showcase is fully demountable and can be installed (i.e. assembled and disassembled) by one person. Neither silicone nor glue is needed. No visible opening system disturbs the optics. Only selected materials such as glass or aluminium are used.

All in One!

The worldwide unique Frank connection technology guarantees the essential characteristics of a museum display case, a highly stable and vandal-proof display case construction, low air exchange rates, protection using concealed edge joints, high quality, and easy handling. The ALPHA showcases are manufactured with the highest precision and fulfil the requirements and specifications of the international museum/exhibition world.

ALPHA SHOWCASE – Innovation in Detail

ALPHA showcases are available in three sizes.

alpha showcase 610

ALPHA Showcase 610

Size: 61 cm x 61 cm x 203 cm (LxWxH)
Material: 8 mm laminated glass (VSG)
Base frame: 12 cm aluminium base frame silver
Colour of extrusions: silver

alpha showcase 760

ALPHA Showcase 760

Size: 76 cm x 76 cm x 203 cm (LxWxH)
Material: 8 mm laminated glass (VSG)
Base frame: 12 cm aluminium base frame silver
Colour of extrusions: silver

alpha showcase 910

ALPHA Showcase 910

Size: 91 cm x 91 cm x 203 cm (LxWxH)
Material: 8 mm laminated glass (VSG)
Base frame: 12 cm aluminium base frame silver
Colour of extrusions: silver

The 8 mm laminated glass is connected using the patented FRANK system, completely without using silicone joints, glue, or screws. The invisible system opening is maintenance-free, functional, and offers high protection. All components, such as aluminium ceiling and floor frames (with adjustable feet), floor panels, and laminated glass, are manufactured to a high standard and give the showcase a high-quality appearance. The prefabricated ALPHA showcase is delivered disassembled and well-packed and can be assembled/disassembled in a few simple steps. Detailed assembly instructions are included.


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